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Meetings & Events

    Conference Planning, Meeting Values and More

    Hotel Rías Bajas facilities offer the best place in Pontevedra for the success of yours meetings and events. Whether you're planning a large corporate function or a family reunion, Hotel Rías Bajas has the ideal accommodations for your next meeting or special event. Our Meeting Services staff is happy to assist in all your planning needs. Just fill out the online request for proposal, e-mail or call  +34 986 855 100

    Free Wifi

    Free wifi in all rooms.

    Projector and screen

    Video projection services


    Audio amplification and microphones

    Light cannon

    Light cannon: €30 / day + 21% VAT

    VAT is 21% except for those who have a room, 10% is applied

    Work menus

    Consult our letter

    Our Pontevedra meeting facilities

    Our Lounges are equipped with all audiovisual technologies to provide the necessary responses to your needs. In space, comfort and technical equipment we offer in addition, excellent lighting. Undoubtedly, Hotel Rías Bajas is the ideal place for meetings and business conventions, conferences, press conferences and all kind of professional meetings.

    Conference Rooms Setup

    This guide will help you decide on the room setup you desire for your meeting or event. Note that all setups are not available for all rooms.

      • Theater: Rows of chairs (no tables) arranged with all participants facing towards the front of the room. This setup generally has one center and two side aislesn.
      • Classroom: Rows of tables arranged with all participants facing towards the front of the room.
      • Banquet::Standard round tables neatly arranged throughout the room. Participants are seated around the entire perimeter of each table..
      • U-Shape : Multiple rectangular tables arranged in a large U with open space in the middle. Participants are seated around the outside facing towards the center of the U.
      • Conference Boardroom: Multiple rectangular tables arranged together in the center of the room to create a single large table space..

    Rias Bajas Meetings & Events. See plan and setup of our lounges.

    Room 1 - Ons

    20 PAX
    • Floor: 1ª
    • Nat.light: Yes
    • Area: 35 m2
    • Height: 2,49
    • Theatre: 20 pax
    • Shape U: 20 pax
    • Cocktail: 20 pax
    • Boards: 8

    Room 2 - Cíes

    60 PAX
    • Floor: 1ª
    • Nat.light: Si
    • Area: 64 m2
    • Height: 2,49
    • Theatre: 60 pax
    • Classroom: 40
    • Shape U: 25 pax
    • Cocktail: 70 pax
    • Boards: 14

    Room 3 - Tambo

    25 PAX
    • Floor: 1ª
    • Nat.light: Si
    • Area: 34 m2
    • Height: 2,49
    • Theatre: 25 pax
    • Classroom: 22 pax
    • Cocktail: 25 pax
    • Boards: 7

    Rías Bajas Room

    120 PAX
    • Floor: 1ª
    • Nat.light: Si
    • Area: 144 m2
    • Height: 2,49
    • Theatre: 120 pax
    • Banquet: 80 pax